Saturday, March 3, 2012


This is another place that we found that has a playground.


After the sunset, and accompanied with a pleasant breeze coming from the ocean, lots of kids like us, gather at the playground.

At first there was a small electric train which we wanted to ride. David did like it but, honestly, after a while, I [Anita] got to the point I was bored!! "Mama I want to get out!!"  The ride took forever to end!

Finally, getting out of the train, we invited daddy to join us for a ride in a double seesaw :)
He was having a lot of fun too! Check this out! Daddy in action!!

Slipway is a hotel and leisure area where you can enjoy a great dinner in a restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean, and shopping for local art and crafts.
Slipway also has a couple of nice places to eat:
Mama, she likes "The terrace." In here, you get good pasta and awesome grilled veggies.

Classico Caffe @ Slipway
View from Classico Caffe

Slipway Centre view

The Terrace Italian Restaurant

But we love, "The Oceanfront." We have to say that the pizza here is delicious! Thin and crunchy crust with lots of mozzarella cheese :)

Pizza under the stars

Dinner @ The Oceanfront


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I love your updates and the cute smiling faces!

    That pizza looks yummy!

  2. Hi guys! I sent aunt Patti your blog, I hope you don't mind. Glad to see you are having a wonderful time there. :) Love, aunt Cece