Wednesday, March 28, 2012


From children to kids around the globe: "We like hoodies; we wear hoddies."

With all our respect, this is for you Trayvon

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mortensen... reading...drawing...writing...

We can say: "Yes, we did some Mortensen Math..." but not in an orthodox way. Mama started doing addition and subtraction and we did some but then she pulled out the Mortensen manipulatives and wow!! we really had a blast with it. Now.... mama kept trying to make us do 1 unit + 3 units.... or 4 units -2 units.....but we did something quite different shown below... It is not exactly math, but for us is fun and we learn too.

Reading and Writing

At school we have on Fridays library day. Every Friday we select a book from the library to bring home and read with mama and papa. The books we selected are Mickey Mouse and Pinkdelicious. By the way, I think that mama is happy that we did not select for the 3rd time "Finding Nemo." :)

We brought a bunch of books from home that, at first, looked hmm...hmm.. Later, when mama sat with us and helped with the sounds we found it fun. So, what we do is to pick at random one of those books and seat with mama and read.

When we are at home we spend a great deal of time drawing and writing. What do we write? signs for mama, we write tickets like police officers do, etc. Here are some examples:

Mom by David
Ana & David babies by Ana

The following shots are from the Ana & David's restaurant menu:
Artwork and lettering by David

Because we know we have to respect the 'law', in this case, the signs we created some for mama:

No fighting
Mama! wake up stop sleeping!!

 Miscellaneous drawings:

 And finally.... the artists!!

Ana & David

Discovering new flavors...

Another thing we like to do when Daddy is back from work is go for dinner to different places. We have to say that besides amazing Italian food, pizza and pasta, there are other options. We ventured to an Ethiopian restaurant where we learned about a spongy kind of rolled tortilla bread that you use instead of silverware...well you can eat it too and it is delicious!! :)
Also we are really fond of Indian food, Chinese and somewhere here and there other flavors from the local bakeries.


Ethiopian Food


 Our favorite Italian Restaurant

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swiming at White Sands

We visited White Sands a couple of times.

Why only two times if we had a lot of fun there? Well, happens that during our second trip to White Sands Resort we met lots of friends and we spent most of the time in the swimming pool. What mama did not know is that besides playing and playing, we found another fun thing to do!! Fill up our mouths with the swimming pool water and pretend that we were "Water Fountains"! By the way, we told mama after the fact and the only thing she said was: "Oh my God...nooooooo..."

The pictures here shows the resort and the super fun we were having. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we do not have pictures of us going to the hospital or being 'both at the same time for a week' extremely stomach sick. Yes... thanks to the White Sands swimming pool water! :(


Yes! the Latin Lover is in Tanzania

And at the end of the day.... there is nothing like having a cup of tea with friends :)

Trip to Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo is in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. This historical town is located ~47 miles from Dar es Salaam. It was an important slave and ivory port and German headquarter between 1886-1891. The name of Bagamoyo comes from the in Shwahili words "bwaga moyo" which means "Throw down your heart." It was heard among those who were captured as slaves showing their unknown future life.

Bagamoyo also has what is considered the first church in the coast of east Africa built in 1868. "In 1868, Bagamoyo local rulers, known as majumbe, presented the Catholic "Fathers of the Holy Ghost" with land for a mission north of the town, the first mission in East Africa. This caused resistance by the native Zaramo people which was mediated by representatives of Sultan Majid and, after 1870, by Sultan Barghash. Originally the mission was intended to house children who were rescued from slavery, but it soon expanded to a church, a school, and some workshops and farming projects." (source:

Aside from Bagamoyo's history, we had other incredible discoveries.

Our first stop was in a "Crocodile Ranch." Yes!! as you read. Believe it or not, this place holds crocodiles from 1 month old to 52 years old to be sold to China and the locals. What do they do with it? It looks like it meat is a delicacy, and therefore the go here and buy it to be cooked.

 Now, please welcome our friends the Crocos!! :)

From the 'rancher' we got two interesting facts:

1- Their tongues are not free but held in place by a membrane which limits movement; as a result, crocodiles are unable to stick out their tongues.[8]  For more interesting info go to: Do Crocodiles Have Tongues?

2- When they have their mouth open it means: I AM HUNGRY!! FEED ME!! So it looked like we were tasty :)

The Rancher and David..Hmm   
Mama...Crocs are cute!!

Also if you are curious about the Crocodile Ranch in Bagamoyo, here is a cool youtube video:

Crocodiles have friends!! These nice yellow birds (I know... you can barely see it) have their nests built next to them. Even they fly over and land on them!!

After the Croc Ranch, we stopped at a little arts&crafts stand on the road.