Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day


Here in Tanzania, believe it or not, we also celebrate Valentine's Day. Daddy is bringing us for dinner to downtown Dar es Salaam to a nice restaurant.
Our nature collection part I
Exploring nature with daddy
As for our adventures and discoveries we started our nature collection: we got so far some stones, a leaf, some kind of green beans and other stuff. We love to walk and explore. There are some hens, chickens and a rooster on the road we walk almost every day.

We would say It's a chicken!

The street we walk daily!
We also like to introduce to you our school here in Dar es Salaam. We started last Friday. It is so close to the house that we can go walking.
The Schoolhouse in Dar es Salaam
First day of school

It is called The Schoolhouse. Our friends are from various ages and we have different activities each day. For example, on Tuesdays we have cooking day!! We made dough, and prepared bread and jelly (we ate a little bit of it. We liked it, although is too sweet :))

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Discovering nature

On our way to Africafe, where mommy loves to drink her Iced-Mocha, we noticed that along the road there are some holes... hmmm... we looked closely and they are shaped like a cone. We decided to take a picture of it and find out what they are about.
Well, goggling we found out that they are called Antlions. Here is a brief description of this interesting creature: "Crater-like pits made by the antlion larva in soft sand. Each funnel-like crater is approximately 2 centimeters in diameter and almost as deep. Antlions are members of a large order of unusual insects, the Neuroptera.
The antlion larva is a ferocious-appearing creature with a robust, fusiform body bearing three pairs of walking legs and a slender neck. In some species, the larva excavates a conical pit in the sand by crawling backwards in circles, at the same time flipping out sand grains with its long jaws. As it moves round and round, the pit gradually gets deeper and deeper. Eventually the crater reaches 2-4 centimeters across and almost as deep, with very steep walls.

When crawling insects, such as ants, inadvertently fall into the pit it is virtually impossible for them to climb the loose sand on the steep walls. To make matters worse, the antlion quickly flips out more sand, thus deepening the pit and causing miniature landslides along the walls which knock the struggling ant to the bottom. If the ant or other insect is large enough it may escape, but usually its struggle is hopeless when it is seized by the powerful jaws of the antlion. Antlion larvae are capable of capturing and killing a variety of insects, and can even subdue small spiders."

Then we saw a Gecko!! a quite curious lizard that has an interesting background: "The four-clawed gecko (Gehyra mutilata, also known as the stump-toed gecko, tender-skinned house gecko, sugar lizard, or Pacific gecko, or butiki) is a wide-ranging lizard that is probably native to Southeast Asia. It has made its way to several areas of the world including Sri Lanka, Indochina, and many of the U.S. Pacific Islands. The gecko is somewhat plump, with delicate skin. The skin is usually colored a soft purplish/pinkish gray with golden spots on younger specimens; these spots eventually fade with age."


We arrived 2 days ago to Dar es salam, Tanzania. Wow!! what a trip! We went from a mild winter, to a harsh one in Zurich -14C (around 29F? not sure) to a nice an warm weather, 35 (around 80F? no clue) in here. When we arrived we first had to get our visas.

People were real nice with us. We got puzzles, crayons, coloring books, and a backpack from the flight attendants.
Our first stop was London,  but we did not make it to the London Bridge. We got a little sick down there so we decided to take it easy and rest at the hotel.

When we got to Dar es Salaam airport, a driver waited for us. The way of transportation here, if you are not a local, is taxi, or have a driver, or take a bajaji or tuk-tuk. A kind of golf cart with 3 wheels that seats 4 people.
We love to ride on it!